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1 x 450mm LED backlight Strip
1 x LG LC420DUN-SEU1-731 LED backlight strip 6916L-0882A 6916L-0913A
1 x 316mm LED notebook backlight strip
1 x 156mm 9V LED backlight Strip FOR 7" display
1 x 362mm LED backlight Strip
1 x 455mm LED backlight Strip
1 x 523mm LED backlight Strip
1 x 455mm LED backlight Strip II
1 x 336mm LED notebook backlight Strip
1 x 528mm LED backlight Strip
1 x 313mm LED notebook backlight strip
1 x 307mm LED notebook backlight Strip
1 x 358mm LED backlight Strip
1 x Notebook Inverter Universal 5 to 20V
1 x 4 CCFL inverter board 10-30v 15-24" 90*40mm Small size
1 x IBM Thinkpad X60T X61T inverter board
1 x LCD inverter 10-26inch 10-28v for 2 ccfl tube
1 x notebook ccfl backlight inverter 1 tube
1 x INVC674 HITACHI inverter board new
1 x PH-BLC08-K3 backlight inverter board
1 x HP DV2000 V2500 V2600 V3000 YNV-W06 LENOVO Y330 BACKLIGHT INVERTER
1 x SAMSUNG R503 R508 R509 R510 R519 R560 R700 BACKLIGHT INVERTER NEW
1 x TDK CXA-0271 PCU-P077E Backlight inverter New original
1 x LCD inverter 10-22inch 10-27V for 4 ccfl tube
1 x toshiba M300 310 M357 M359 M800 M820 M821 M823 lenovo125 inverter
1 x 335mm *2.4mm CCFL Backlight for 15inch widescreen LCD
1 x 720mm *3.0mm CCFL Backlight for 32 inch 10pcs/lot
1 x 375mm *2.4mm CCFL Backlight for 17inch widescreen LCD
1 x 417mm *2.4mm CCFL Backlight for 19inch widescreen
1 x 533mm *2.4mm CCFL Backlight for 23.6inch widescreen LCD
1 x 600mm *3.0mm CCFL Backlight for 26inch widescreen LCD
1 x 428mm *2.4mm CCFL Backlight for 20inch LCD
1 x 553mm *2.4mm CCFL Backlight for 25inch widescreen LCD
1 x 348mm *2.4mm CCFL Backlight for 17inch LCD
1 x 524mm *2.4mm CCFL Backlight for 23inch widescreen LCD
1 x 483mm *2.4mm CCFL Backlight for 22inch widescreen LCD
1 x 544mm *2.4mm CCFL Backlight for 24inch widescreen LCD
1 x 445mm *2.4mm CCFL Backlight for 20inch widescreen LCD
1 x 385mm *2.4mm CCFL Backlight for 19inch LCD
1 x 453mm *2.4mm CCFL Backlight for 22inch LCD
1 x 315mm *2.4mm CCFL Backlight for 15inch LCD
1 x 12V~24V to 7.5V 5A 37.5w DC Buck non-isolated
1 x 12V~24V to 6V 5A 30w DC Buck non-isolated
1 x 12V~24V to 5V 5A 25w DC Buck non-isolated
1 x 12V~24V to 9V 5A 40w DC Buck non-isolated
1 x 12V to 3.7V 3A 11.1w DC-DC CONVERTER BUCK
1 x 24V to 12V 3A waterproof DC-DC buck
1 x 24V to 12V 5A 60W waterproof DC-DC buck
1 x 12V~24V to 3.3V 5A 16.5w DC Buck non-isolated
1 x 12V~24V to 4.2V 5A 21w DC Buck non-isolated
1 x 12V~24V to 3.7V 5A 18.5w DC Buck non-isolated
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